Quality Control
1.Combo Test

During new product developing the top PT engineers in R&D department will use advanced equipment to assist component and material testing and selection.  

2.Matching Test
Extensive matching tests are conducted in different extreme environments and the post-lifecycle test to make sure all the replaced components work harmoniously.

3.Raw Material Test

All the key parts including Powder, OPC, Wipe Blade, Doctor Blade, Magnetic Roller and PCR are tested by the advanced new equipment and dealt with

4. Toner Filling & Vacuuming

Automatically fill the sealed cartridge with tone in isolated space and then vacuumed to make sure no toner leakage. The cartridges are cleaned by specially designed vacuum equipment without any damage to the cartridges. 


All the components are assembled and mutual inspection is applied by new special technologies and advanced. Every details are paid 100% attention on to ensure the highest performance.

6.Post Test

Every cartridge is tested by printing on the production line. Its the second full printing test.

7.Sampling Test

Every production batch is sampling tested by a 1-3% rate depending on different models. The samples will undergo various German standard testing method in certain temperature and humidity for 100% life printing test. 

8. Independent labs test

Besides the extremely strict in-house testing system, Polytoner’s products are verified by other independent testing labs regularly.