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Mono laser Cartridges
PTH-281A CF281A B 10500 HP Laser Jet Pro MFP M630z/630F/630h
PTH-214A CF214A B 10000 HP Laserjet Enterprise 700 M712N/712XH/712DN
PTH-214X CF214X B 17500
PTH-255A CE255A B 6000 HP LaserJet P3015/P3015d/P3015dn/P3015x
PTH-255X CE255X B 12500 HP LaserJet P3015/P3015d/P3015dn/P3015x
PTH-278A CE278A B 2100 HP Laser Pro P1560/1566/1600(USA)/1606/M1536dnf/1606DN
PTH-280A CF280A B 2700 HP LaserJet 400 M401d/ 401N/401DN/M425DW
PTH-280X CF280X B 6900 HP LaserJet 400 M401d/ 401N/401DN/M426DW
PTH-505A CE505A B 2300 HP LaserJet P2035/P2035n/P2055dn/P2055x
PTH-505X CE505X B 6500 HP LaserJet P2055dn/P2055x
PTH-2612A/FX9 Q2612A B 2000 HP Laserjet 1010/1012/1015/1018/1020/1022/3015/3020/3030/3050/3052/3055/M1005MFP
PTH-2612X Q2612X B 3000 HP Laserjet 1010/1012/1015/1018/1020/1319/1022/3015/3020/3030/3050/3052/3055
PTH-435A CB435A B 1500 HP Laserjet P1005/P1006
PTH-436A CB436A B 2000 HP Laserjet P1505/M1522N/M1120
PTH-285A CE285A B 1600 HP LaserJet Pro P1102/P1102W/M1212NF/M1132MFP/Pro P1100(USA)
PTH-435/436/285A Universal B 2000 HP Laserjet P1005/P1006 HP Laserjet P1505/M1522N/M1120 HP LaserJet Pro P1102/P1102W/M1212NF/M1132MFP/Pro P1100(USA)
PTH-283X CF283X(83X) B 2200 HP LaserJet Pro MFP/ M127fn(CZ181A)
PTH-283A CF283A(83A) B 1500 HP LaserJet Pro MFP/ M127fn(CZ181A)
PTH-388A CC388A B 1500 HP Laserjet P1007/P1008/1106/1108/M1136/1213NF/1216NFH
PTH-390A CE390A B 10000 HP Laserjet 600 M602n/M602dn/M602x/600 M601n/M601dn/M603n/M603dn M4555MPF
PTH-390X CE390X B 24000 HP Laserjet 600 M602n/M602dn/M602x/600 M601n/M601dn/M603n/M603dn M4555MPF
PTH-364A CC364A B 10000 HP LaserJet P4014n/P4014dn/P4015n/P4015dn/P4015tn/P4015x/P4515n/P4515tn/P4515x
PTH-364X CC364X B 24000 HP LaserJet P4015n/P4015dn/P4015tn/P4015x/P4515n/ P4515tn/P4515x
PTH-2613A Q2613A B 2500 HP Laserjet 1300/1300n/1300xi
PTH-2613X Q2613X B 4000 HP Laserjet 1300/1300n/1300xi
PTH-2624A Q2624A B 2500 HP Laserjet 1150
PTH-2624X Q2624X B 4000 HP Laserjet 1150
PTH-3900A C3900A B 8100 HP Laserjet 4V/4MV
PTH-3903A C3903A/F B 4000 HP Laserjet 5P/5MP/6P/6MP
PTH-3906A C3906A/F B 2500 HP Laserjet 5L/6L/LJ3100/LJ3150
PTH-3909A C3909A B 15000 HP Laserjet 5Si-MX/NX/8000/DN/N
PTH-4092A Q4092A B 2500 HP Laserjet 1100/1100A/3200
PTH-4096A C4096A B 5000 HP Laserjet 2100/2100M/2100TN/2200
PTH-4127A C4127A B 6000 HP Laserjet 4000/4050
PTH-4127X C4127X B 10000 HP Laserjet 4000/4050
PTH-4129X C4129X B 10000 HP Laserjet 5000/5100/5100tn
PTH-4182X C4182X B 20000 HP Laserjet 8100/8150
PTH-5942A Q5942A B 10000 HP Laserjet 4240n/4250/4250n/4250tn/4250dtn/4250dtnsl/4350n/4350tn/4350dtn/4350dtnsl
PTH-5942X Q5942X B 20000 HP Laserjet 4240n/4250/4250n/4250tn/4250dtn/4250dtnsl/4350n/4350tn/4350dtn/4350dtnsl
PTH-5945A Q5945A B 18000 HP Laserjet 4345mfp/ M4345mfp
PTH-5949A Q5949A B 2500 HP Laserjet 1160/1320/1320t/1320n/1320nw/1320tn/3390/3392
PTH-5949X Q5949X B 6000 HP Laserjet 1320/1320t/1320n/1320nw/1320tn/3390/3392
PTH-6511A Q6511A B 6000 HP Laserjet 2400/2410/2420/2430
PTH-6511X Q6511X B 12000 HP Laserjet 2400/2410/2420/2430
PTH-7115A C7115A B 2500 HP Laserjet 1000/1000W/1005W/1200/1220/3300/3330/3380
PTH-7115X C7115X B 3500 HP Laserjet 1000/1000W/1005W/1200/1220/3300/3330//3380
PTH-8061A C8061A B 6000 HP Laserjet 4100/4100mfp
PTH-8061X C8061X B 10000 HP Laserjet 4100/4100mfp
PTH-1338A Q1338A B 12000 HP Laserjet 4200
PTH-1339A Q1339A B 18000 HP Laserjet 4300
PTH-2610A Q2610A B 6000 HP Laserjet 2300
PTH-7516A Q7516A B 12000 HP Laserjet 5200
PTH-7551A Q7551A B 6500 HP Laserjet M3035MFP/P3005/M3027MFP
PTH-7551X Q7551X B 13000 HP Laserjet M3035MFP/P3005/M3027MFP
PTH-7553A Q7553A B 3000 HP Laserjet P2015/2014/M2727mfp
PTH-7553X Q7553X B 7000 HP Laserjet P2015/2014/M2727mfp
PTH-8543X C8543X B 30000 HP Laserjet 9000/9040/9050mfp/9500/9850mfp
PTH-7570A Q7570A B 15000 HP Laserjet 5025/5035
PTH-250X CE250X B 10500 HP Color LaserJet CP3525n/3525dn/3525x/CM3530 MFP/CM3530fs MFP
PTH-250A CE250A B 5000 HP Color LaserJet CP3525n/3525dn/3525x/CM3530 MFP/CM3530fs MFP
PTB-T630/2310/2330 TN630/2310/2330/2335/2360/ B 1200 Brother HL-L2300D/2340DW/2360DN/2365DW/DCP-L2500D/2520DW/2540DN/MFC-L2700DW
PTB-T660/2320/2350 TN660/2320/2350/2375/2380/28J B 2600 Brother HL-L2300D/2340DW/2360DN/2365DW/DCP-L2500D/2520DW/2540DN/MFC-L2700DW
PTB-T2312 TN2312 B 1200 Brother HL-2260/2260D/2560DN
PTB-T2325 TN2325 B 2600 Brother HL-2260/2260D/2560DN
PTB-T2210/420/2215/2230/2260/2235 TN2210/420 B 1200 Brother HL-2240D/2250D/2270DW/MFC7470D/7060
PTB-T2220/450/2225/2250/2280/2275/27J TN2220/450 B 2600 Brother HL-2240D/2250D/2270DW/MFC7470D/7060
PTB-D2200/420/2250/2255/22J/2225 DR2200/420 B 12000 Brother HL-2240D/2250D/2270DW/MFC7470D/7060
PTB-D3350/720/3300/51J/3325 DR-3350/720/3300/51J/3325 B 30000 Brother HL-5440D/5445D/5450DN/5470DW/6180DW/MFC8520DN/8515DN/8510DN/8710DW/8910DW/8950DTW/DCP8110DN/8150DN/8155DN
PTB-T3335/720/3330/3310/53J TN-3335/720/3330/3310/53J B 3000 Brother HL-5440D/5445D/5450DN/5470DW/6180DW/MFC8520DN/8515DN/8510DN/8710DW/8910DW/8950DTW/DCP8110DN/8150DN/8155DN
PTB-T3385/750/3380/3340/56J TN-3385/750/3380/3340/56J B 8000 Brother HL-5440D/5445D/5450DN/5470DW/6180DW/MFC8520DN/8515DN/8510DN/8710DW/8910DW/8950DTW/DCP8110DN/8150DN/8155DN
PTB-T3395/780/3390/3360 TN-3395/780/3390/3360 B 12000 Brother HL-5440D/5445D/5450DN/6180DW/MFC8520DN/8515DN/8510DN/8910DW/8950DTW
PTB-T430/6300 TN-430 /TN-6300/TN6350 B 3000 Brother MFC 8300/8500/8600/8700/9600/9650/9650N/9660/9660N/9700/9750/ 9760/9800/9870/9870NLT/9880/9880N/Brother DCP-1200/1400 Brother FAX 8370/8350P/8750P/8750PNLT Brother HL-1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1430/1440/1450/1470N/P2500
PTB-T460/6600 TN-460 /TN-6600/TN6650 B 6000 Brother MFC 8300/8500/8600/8700/9600/9650/9650N/9660/9660N/9700/9750/ 9760/9800/9870/9870NLT/9880/9880N/Brother DCP-1200/1400 Brother FAX 8370/8350P/8750P/8750PNLT Brother HL-1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1430/1440/1450/1470N/P2500
PTB-D400/6000 DR400/6000/6050 / 20000 Brother MFC 8300/8500/8600/8700/9600/9650/9650N/9660/9660N/9700/9750/ 9760/9800/9870/9870NLT/9880/9880N/Brother DCP-1200/1400 Brother FAX 8370/8350P/8750P/8750PNLT Brother HL-1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1430/1440/1450/1470N/P2500
PTB-D500/7000 DR500/7000 / 20000 Brother MFC-8420/8820D/8820DN/DCP-8020/8025D/HL-1650/1670/N/1850/1870N/5030/5040/5050/5070N
PTB-D3000/3050/510/30J DR3000/3050/510/30J / 20000 Brother HL-5130/5140/5150D/5150DLT/5170DN/5170DNLT/ MFC-8220/8440/8840D/DCP-8040/8045D/8045DN
PTB-T530/7300 TN530/7300 B 3300 Brother MFC-8420/8820D/8820DN/DCP-8020/8025D/HL-1650/1670/N/1850/1870N/5030/5040/5050/5070N
PTB-T560/7600 TN560/7600 B 6500 Brother MFC-8420/8820D/8820DN/DCP-8020/8025D/HL-1650/1670/N/1850/1870N/5030/5040/5050/5070N
PTB-T3030/540/33J TN3030/540/33J/3035 B 3500 Brother HL-5130/5140/5150D/5150DLT/5170DN/5170DNLT/ MFC-8220/8440/8840D/DCP-8040/8045D/8045DN
PTB-T3060/570/36J TN3060/570/36J/3065 B 7000 Brother HL-5130/5140/5150D/5150DLT/5170DN/5170DNLT/ MFC-8220/8440/8840D/DCP-8040/8045D/8045DN
PTB-T550/3130/3145/35 TN550/TN3130/TN3145/TN35/3135 B 3500 Brother HL-5240/5250DN/5250DNT/5270DN/5280DW/ MFC-8460N/8860DN/8870DW
PTB-T580/3170/3185/37 TN580/TN3170/TN3185/TN37/3165 B 7000 Brother HL-5240/5250DN/5250DNT/5270DN/5280DW/ MFC-8460N/8860DN/8870DW
PTB-T620/3230/3250 TN-620/ TN-3230/TN-3250 B 3000 Brother HL-5300/5340D/5350DN/5370DW/5370DWT/5380DN/DCP-8070D/8080DN/8085DN/MFC-8370DN/8380DN/8480DN/ 8880DN/8890DW
PTB-T650/3280/3290 TN-650/TN-3280/TN-3290 B 8000 Brother HL-5300/5340D/5350DN/5370DW/5370DWT/5380DN/DCP-8070D/8080DN/8085DN/MFC-8370DN/8380DN/8480DN/ 8880DN/8890DW
PTB-D520/3100/3115 DR520/3100/3115/3150 / 25000 Brother HL-5240/5250DN/5250DNT/5270DN/5280DW/ MFC-8460N/8860DN/8870DW
PTB-D620/3200/3215 DR-620/DR-3200/DR-3215 / 25000 Brother HL-5300/5340D/5350DN/5370DW/5370DWT/5380DN/DCP-8070D/8080DN/8085DN/MFC-8370DN/8380DN/8480DN/ 8880DN/8890DW
PTB-T2000/350/2005/2025/ 2050/25J/2075/2085 TN2000/TN350/TN2005/TN2025/ TN2050/TN25J/TN2075/2085 B 2500 Brother HL-2030/2035/2037/2040/2070N/MFC-7220/7225N/7420/7720/7820N Fax 2820/2920/DCP-7020/7010/7025
PTB-D2000/2025/2050/350/25J DR2000/2025/2050/350/25J / 12000 Brother HL-2030/2035/2037/2040/2070N/MFC-7220/7225N/7420/7720/7820N Fax 2820/2920/DCP-7020/7010/7025
PTB-2110/2130/T330 TN2110/TN330/TN2115 B 1500 Brother HL2140/2150N/2170W/DCP-7030/7040 MFC-7320/7440N/7840W/7340/7450/7840N
PTB-T2120/2125/360/2150/2175 TN2120/2125/TN360/TN2150/2175 B 2600 Brother HL2140/2150N/2170W/DCP-7030/7040 MFC-7320/7440N/7840W/7340/7450/7840N
PTB-D2100/360/2150 DR2100/DR-360/DR-2150 / 12000 Brother HL2140/2150N/2170W/DCP-7030/7040 MFC-7320/7440N/7840W/7340/7450/7840N
PTB-T4100/670/47J TN4100/TN670/TN47J B 7500 Brother HL-6050/6050D/6050DN/6050DNLT
PTB-T8000 TN8000 B 2200 Brother FAX-8070P/2850/MFC-9030/9070/9160/9180/4800
PTB-T300 TN300 B 2400 Brother HL1040/HL1050/HL1060
PTB-T8050 TN8050 B 2200 Brother FAX-2880
PTB-T200/250/10J TN200/250/10J B 2200 Brother HL-720/730/730PIUS/760 FAX-2650/2660/4550J/4650/8000P/8050P/8060P/ 8200P/8250P/8650P MFC-4600/4800/6600/6800/9000/9050/9060/9500/9550
PTB-T2015 TN2015/2060 B 700 Brother HL-2130 DCP-7055
PTB-T2010/410/2030/11J TN2010/410/2030/11J B 1000 Brother HL-2130 DCP-7055
PTB-D2245 DR2245 / 12000 Brother HL-2130 DCP-7055
PTB-T630/2310 TN630/TN2310/2330 B 1200 Brother HL-L2300D/2340DW/2360DN/2365DW/DCP-L2500D/2520DW/2540DN/MFC-L2700DW
PTB-T660/2320 TN660/TN2320/2350 B 2600 Brother HL-L2300D/2340DW/2360DN/2365DW/DCP-L2500D/2520DW/2540DN/MFC-L2700DW
PTB-D630/2300 DR630/DR2300/2325 B 12000 Brother HL-L2300D/2340DW/2360DN/2365DW/DCP-L2500D/2520DW/2540DN/MFC-L2700DW
PTS-D358 MLT- D358 B 30000 Samsung SL-m5370LX/M4370LX
PTS-R358 MLT- D358 B 100000 Samsung SL-m5370LX/M4370LX
PTS-T707S MLT-D707S B 6000 Samsung ProXpressSL-K2200/2200ND
PTS-T707L MLT-D707L B 10000 Samsung ProXpressSL-K2200/2200ND
PTS-101 MLT-D101S B 1500 Samsung ML-2161/2160/2165/2166W/2165W SCX3400/3401/3405/3406/3407/3401FH/3405W/3405FW/3406W/3406HW/SF-761/761P/760P
PTS-102S MLT-D102S B 1500 Samsung ML-2541/2546/2547
PTS-102L MLT-D105L B 2500 Samsung ML-2541/2546/2547
PTS-103S MLT-D103S B 1500 Samsung ML-2951D/2956ND/SCX-4729HD/4728HN
PTS-103L MLT-D103L B 2500 Samsung ML-2951D/2956ND/SCX-4729HD/4728HN
PTS-1043S MLT-D1043 B 1500 Samsung ML1666/1670/SCX3201/3200/3218
PTS-104/1042S MLT-D104/1042 B 1500 Samsung ML1660//1661/1665/1666/SCX3201/3206/3218
PTS-1053S MLT-1053S B 1500 Samsung ML- 1911/2525/N/2581/SCX4601/4623F/SF651/651P
PTS-1053L MLT-1053L B 2500 Samsung ML- 1911/2525/N/2581/SCX4601/4623F/SF651/651P
PTS-105S/1052S MLT-105/1052S B 1500 Samsung ML- 1910/1915//2526/2580N/2581/SCX4600/4601/4623F/4623X/SF650/650P/651/651P
PTS-105L/1052L MLT-105/1052L B 2500 Samsung ML- 1910/1915//2526/2580N/2581/SCX4600/4601/4623F/4623X/SF650/650P/651/651P
PTS-T106 MLT-D106 B 2000 Samsung ML-2245
PTS-D106 MLT-R106 B 12000 Samsung ML-2245
PTS-108 MLT-D108S B 1500 Samsung ML-1640/1641/2240/2241
PTS-109 MLT-D109S B 2000 Samsung SCX-4300
PTS-115S MLT-D115S B 1500 Samsung SL-M2820DW/SL-M2820ND/2870FW
PTS-115L MLT-D115L B 3000 Samsung SL-M2820DW/SL-M2820ND/2870FW
PTS-T116S MLT-D116S B 1200 Samsung M2625D/M2825DW/M2875FD/M2875FW/2676FH/2676N/2876HN/2826ND/2626/2626D
PTS-T116L MLT-D116L B 3000 Samsung M2625D/M2825DW/M2875FD/M2875FW/2676FH/2676N/2876HN/2826ND/2626/2626D
PTS-D116 MLT-R116 B 9000 Samsung M2625D/M2825DW/M2875FD/M2875FW/2676FH/2676N/2876HN/2826ND/2626/2626D
PTS-117S MLT-117S B 3000 Samsung SCX4650F/4650N/4652F/4655F/4655FN
PTS-111S MLT-111S B 1000 Samsung ProXpressSL-M2020/2020W/2022/2022W/2070/2070W/2070F/2070FW/2021W/2071W
PTS-119S MLT-D119S B 2000 Samsung ML-1610,ML-2010 ML-2510/2570/2571N,SCX-4321/4521F/4521HF
PTS-203S MLT-D203S B 3000 Samsung ProXpressM3320ND/M3820D/3820ND/3820DW/M4020ND/4020NX
PTS-203L MLT-D203L B 5000 Samsung ProXpressM3320ND/M3820D/3820ND/3820DW/M4020ND/4020NX
PTS-203E MLT-D203E B 10000 Samsung ProXpressM3820D/3820ND/3820DW/M4020ND/4020NX
PTS-203U MLT-D203U B 15000 Samsung ProXpressM4020ND/4020NX
PTS-T204S MLT-D204S B 3000 Samsung ProXpressM3325/M3825D/3825ND/3825DW/4025D/4025ND/4025DW
PTS-T204L MLT-D204L B 5000 Samsung ProXpressM3325/M3825D/3825ND/3825DW/4025D/4025ND/4025DW
PTS-T204E MLT-D204E B 10000 Samsung ProXpressM3825D/3825ND/3825DW/4025D/4025ND/4025DW
PTS-T204U MLT-D204U B 15000 Samsung ProXpressM4025D/4025ND/4025DW
PTS-D204 MLT-R204 B 30000 Samsung ProXpressM3325/M3825D/3825ND/3825DW/4025D/4025ND/4025DW
PTS-205S MLT-D205S B 2000 Samsung ML-331D/3310DN/3710D/3710ND/SCX4833/5637/5737
PTS-205L MLT-D205L B 5000 Samsung ML-331D/3310DN/3710D/3710ND/SCX4833/5637/5737
PTS-205E MLT-D205E B 10000 Samsung ML-331D/3310DN/3710D/3710ND/SCX4833/5637/5737
PTS-208S MLT-D208S B 4000 Samsung SCX 5635/5835
PTS-208L MLT-D208L B 8000 Samsung SCX 5635/5835
PTS-209S MLT-D209S B 2000 Samsung ML2855/SCX 4824HN/4826/4828
PTS-209L MLT-D209L B 5000 Samsung SCX-4828FN / SCX-4824FN
PTS-305S MLTD305S B 7000 Samsung ML 3750ND
PTS-305L MLTD305L B 15000 Samsung ML 3750ND
PTS-T307S MLT-D307S B 7000 Samsung ML-4510ND/4512ND/5010/5012ND/5015ND/5017ND
PTS-T307L MLT-D307L B 15000 Samsung ML-4510ND/4512ND/5010/5012ND/5015ND/5017ND
PTS-T307E MLT-D307E B 20000 Samsung ML-4510ND/4512ND/5010/5012ND/5015ND/5017ND
PTS-T309S MLT-D309S B 10000 Samsung ML5510/5510N/5510ND/5512ND/6510ND/6512/6512ND
PTS-T309L MLT-D309L B 30000 Samsung ML5510/5510N/5510ND/5512ND/6510ND/6512/6512ND
PTS-T6555 TR-SCX6555 B 25000 Samsung SCX6545N/6555N
PTS-D6555 DR-SCX6555 B 80000 Samsung SCX6545N/6555N
PTS-1210 ML-1210D3 B 3000 Samsung ML-1010/1020M/1100/1200/1210/1220M/1250/1430
PTS-1610 ML-1610D2 B 3000 Samsung ML-1610/1615/1620
PTS-2010 ML-2010D3 B 3000 Samsung ML-2010/2015/2510/2570/2571N
PTS-4521 SCX-4521D3 B 3000 Samsung SCS-4521/4321
PTS-1710 ML-1710D3 B 3000 Samsung ML-1510/1520/1710/1740/1750/SCX-4016/4100/4116/4216F/SF560/565P/750/755P
PTS-4216 SCX-4216D3 B 3000 Samsung SCX-4216F/4116/SF-565P/SF-560
PTS-2150 ML-2150D8 B 8000 Samsung ML-2150/2151N/2152W/2550/2551N
PTS-2550 ML-2550DA B 10000 Samsung ML-2550/2551N/2552W
PTS-2250 ML-2250D5 B 5000 Samsung ML-2250/2251N/2251NP/2252W
PTS-2850A ML-D2850A/XIL B 2000 Samsung ML-2850D/ML-2851ND/XSA
PTS-2850B ML-D2850B/XIL B 5000 Samsung ML-2850D/ML-2851ND/XSA
PTS-4100 SCX-4100D3 B 3000 Samsung SCX-4100
PTS-4200 SCX-D4200A B 3000 Samsung SCX-4200
PTS-4500 ML-4500D3 B 3000 Samsung ML-4500/4600
PTS-4720D3 SCX-4720D3 B 3000 Samsung SCX-4520/4720F/SCX-4750
PTS-4720D5 SCX-4720D5 B 5000 Samsung SCX-4520/4720F/SCX-4750
PTS-4725 SCX-D4725A B 3000 Samsung SCX-4725N/4725FN
PTS-3050A ML-D3050A B 5000 Samsung ML-3050/3051N/3051ND
PTS-3050B ML-D3050B B 8000 Samsung ML-3050/3051N/3051ND
PTS-5530A SCX-D5530A B 4000 Samsung SCX-5530FN/5530N/5330
PTS-5530B SCX-D5530B B 8000 Samsung SCX-5530FN/5530N/5330
PTS-3470A ML-D3470A B 4000 Samsung ML-3470D/ML-3471ND
PTS-3470B ML-D3470B B 10000 Samsung ML-3470D/ML-3471ND
PTS-3560D6 ML-3560D6 B 6000 Samsung ML-3560/3561N/3561ND
PTS-3560DB ML-3560DB B 12000 Samsung ML-3560/3561N/3561ND
PTS-4550A ML-D4550A B 10000 Samsung ML-4050N/4551ND
PTS-4550B ML-D4550B B 20000 Samsung ML-4050N/4551ND
PTS-1630 ML-D1630A B 2000 Samsung SCX-4500/ML-1630
PTS-560RA SF-D560RA B 3000 Samsung SF-565PR/562PRC/560R/560RC
PTS-6320 SCX-6320D8 B 8000 Samsung SCX-6322DN
PTS-1450 MLT-1450D6 B 6000 Samsung ML-1440/1450/1451
PTS-550 SF-550D3 B 3000 Samsung SF-530/550P/555P ML-1210
PTS-5100 SF-5100D3 B 2500 Samsung ML-535/535E/808/5100D3/SF5100/5100P/5000/531/530/550
PTS-T6345 D6345A B 20000 Samsung SCX6345N
PTS-D6345 R6345A B 60000 Samsung SCX6345N
PTL-T501 50F1000(501) B 1500 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T501H 50F1H00(501H) B 5000 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T501X 50F1X00(501X) B 10000 Lexmark MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T501U 50F1U00(501U) B 20000 Lexmark MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T601 60F1000(601) B 2500 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T601H 60F1H00(601H) B 10000 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T601X 60F1X00(601X) B 20000 Lexmark MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T502 50F2000(502) B 1500 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T502H 50F2H00(502H) B 5000 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T502X 50F2X00(502X) B 10000 Lexmark MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T502U 50F2U00(502U) B 25000 Lexmark MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T602 60F2000(602) B 2500 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T602H 60F2H00(602H) B 10000 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T602X 60F2X00(602X) B 20000 Lexmark/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T503 50F3000(503) B 1500 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T503H 50F3H00(503H) B 5000 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T503X 50F3X00(503X) B 10000 Lexmark MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T503U 50F3U00(503U) B 20000 Lexmark MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T603 60F3000(603) B 2500 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T603H 60F3H00(603H) B 10000 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T603X 60F3X00(603X) B 20000 Lexmark/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T504 50F4000(504) B 1500 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T504H 50F4H00(504H) B 5000 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T504X 50F4X00(504X) B 10000 Lexmark MS410d/MS410dnMS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T504U 50F4U00(504U) B 20000 Lexmark MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T604 60F4000(604) B 2500 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTLT604H 60F4H00(604H) B 10000 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T604X 60F4X009604X) B 20000 Lexmark MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T505 50F5000(505) B 1500 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T505H 50F5H00(505H) B 5000 Lexmark MS310d/MS310dn/MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T505X 50F5X00(505X) B 10000 Lexmark MS410d/MS410dn/MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T505U 50F5U00(505U) B 25000 Lexmark MS510dn/MS610DN/MS610DTN/MS610DE/MS610DTE
PTL-T605 60F5000(605) B 2500 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T605H 60F5H00(605H) B 10000 Lexmark MX310dn/MX410de/MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T605X 60F5X00(605X) B 20000 Lexmark MX511dte/MX511dhe/MX511de/MX510de/MX610dw/MX611de/MX611dhe/MX611dte
PTL-T521 52D1000(521) B 6000 Lexmark MS810N/MS810DN/MS810DE/MS810DTN/MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN
PTL-T521H 52D1H00(521H) B 25000
PTL-T521X 52D1X00(521X) B 45000 Lexmark MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN/MS812DN/MS812DTN/MS812DTN
PTL-T621H 62D1H00(621H) B 25000
PTL-T522 52D2000(522) B 6000 Lexmark MS810N/MS810DN/MS810DE/MS810DTN/MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN
PTL-T522H 52D2H00(522H) B 25000
PTL-T522X 52D2X00(522X) B 45000 Lexmark MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN/MS812DN/MS812DTN/MS812DTN
PTL-T622H 62D2H00(622H) B 25000
PTL-T523 52D3000(523) B 6000 Lexmark MS810N/MS810DN/MS810DE/MS810DTN/MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN
PTL-T523H 52D3H00(523H) B 25000
PTL-T523X 52D3X00(523X) B 45000 Lexmark MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN/MS812DN/MS812DTN/MS812DTN
PTL-T623H 62D3H00(623H) B 25000
PTL-T524 52D4000(524) B 6000 Lexmark MS810N/MS810DN/MS810DE/MS810DTN/MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN
PTL-T524H 52D4H00(524H) B 25000
PTL-T524X 52D4X00(524X) B 45000 Lexmark MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN/MS812DN/MS812DTN/MS812DTN
PTL-T624H 62D4H00(624H) B 25000
PTL-T525 52D5000(525) B 6000 Lexmark MS810N/MS810DN/MS810DE/MS810DTN/MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN
PTL-T525H 52D5H00(525H) B 25000
PTL-T525X 52D5X00(525X) B 45000 Lexmark MS811N/MS811DN/MS811DTN/MS812DN/MS812DTN/MS812DTN
PTL-T625H 62D5H00(625H) B 25000
PTL-T120 12036SE B 2000 Lexmark E120n/E120
PTL-D120 12026XW / 25000 Lexmark E120n/E120
PTL-220 12S0401/12S0300 B 2500 Lexmark E220
PTL-321A 12A7300/12A7400 B 3000 Lexmark E321/323N
PTL-321X 12A7305/12A7405 B 6000 Lexmark E321/323N
PTL-T230 A 12A8400/34217HR/12A8300 B 2500 Lexmark E230/E232/E234/E330/E332
PTL-T230 X 12A8405/34217XR/12A8305 B 6000 Lexmark E230/E232/E234/E330/E332/E340/E342/E240
PTL-D230/E232 12A8302 / 30000 Lexmark E230/E232/E234/E330/E332/E340/E342/E240
PTL-X342A X340A11G/X340A21G B 2500 Lexmark X342N
PTL-X342H X340H11G/X340H21G B 6000 Lexmark X342N
PTL-X342D X340H22G / 30000 Lexmark X342N/X340N
PTL-T250A E250A21E B 3500 Lexmark E250D/E250DN/ E350D/E350DN/E352DN
PTL-T250XX E352H11E B 9000 Lexmark E350D/E350DN/E352/E352DN
PTL-T450A E450A21A B 6000 Lexmark E450/450dn
PTL-T450X E450H21A B 11000 Lexmark E450/450dn
PTL-D250/350/450 E250X22G / 30000 Lexmark E250/E350/E35/E450
PTL-310 13T0301 B 4000 Lexmark E310/E312L
PTL-320 A 08A0475/08A0476 B 3000 Lexmark E320/322
PTL-320 X 08A0477/08A0478 B 6000 Lexmark E320/322
PTL-T520 12A6735/12A6835 B 20000 Lexmark T520/522
PTL-T620/622A 12A6865 B 21000 Lexmark T620/T622
PTL-T620/622X 12A6760 B 32000 Lexmark T620/T622
PTL-630 X 12A7362/12A7462/12A7468/12A7460 B 21000 Lexmark T630/T632/T634
PTL-630 XX 12A7365/12A7465/12A7469 B 32000 Lexmark T630/T632/T634
PTL-640 X 64035HA/64015SA/64035SA/ 64016SE/64036SE/64018SL/ 64038SL/64017SR/64037SR B 21000 Lexmark T640/T642/T644
PTL-640 XX 64004HA/64015HA/64035HA/ 64004HE/64016HE/64036HE/ 64004HL/64018HL/64038HL/ 64004HR/64017HR/64037HR B 32000 Lexmark T640/T642/T644
PTL-T650A T650A11E/T650A21E B 7000 Lexmark T650/T652/T654/656
PTL-T650X T650H11E/T650H21E/T650H04E B 25000 Lexmark T650/T652/T654/656
PTL-420 A 12A7410/12A7310 B 5000 Lexmark T420
PTL-420 X 12A7315/12A7415 B 10000 Lexmark T420
PTL-430 A 12A8320/12A8420 B 6000 Lexmark T430/T430D/T430DN
PTL-430 X 12A8325/12A8425 B 12000 Lexmark T430/T430D/T430DN
PTL-T203A X203A11G B 2500 Lexmark X203n/204n
PTL-T203X X203A21G B 6000 Lexmark X203n/204n
PTL-D203 X203H22G B 30000 Lexmark X203n/204n
PTL-T260 E260A21A B 3500 Lexmark E260
PTL-T360 E260A21A B 9000 Lexmark E360
PTL-4360 E260A21A B 15000 Lexmark E460
PTL-D260 E260X22G B 30000 Lexmark E260/E360/E460
PTL-210 10S0150/10S0063 B 3000 Lexmark E210
PTL-215 18S0090 B 3000 Lexmark X215
PTO-T411X 44574701 B 4000 OKI B411/B431/411DN/431DN
PTO-T431X 44574901 B 10000 OKI 431/MB461/MB471/MB471W/MB491
PTO-T491 44917601 B 12000 OKI B431/MB491
PTO-T411A 44574702 B 3000 OKI B411/431/MB461/MB471/MB491
PTO-T431A 44574802 B 7000 OKI 431/MB461/MB471/MB471W/MB491
PTO-T431X 44574902 B 10000 OKI 431/MB461/MB471/MB471W/MB491
PTO-T491 44917602 B 12000 OKI B431/MB491
PTO-T411X 44574703 B 4000 OKI B411/B431DN/MB461/MB471/MB491
PTO-T431X 44574903 B 10000 OKI B431DN/MB461/MB471/MB491
PTO-T491 44917603 B 12000 OKI MB471/MB491
PTO-T401A 44992403/05 B 1500 OKI B401/MB441/MB451
PTO-T401X 44992404/06 B 2500 OKI B401/MB441/MB451
PTO-B4200 B4200 B 2600 OKI B4100/4200/4250/4300/4350 Series
PTO-B4300 B4300 B 6000 OKI B4300/4350/4350N
PTO-B4600 43502002 B 7000 OKI B4600/4600N
PTO-B4400 43502301/02 B 3000 OKI B4400/4400N/B4600/B4600N
PTO-B 2200/2400 43640302 B 2000 OKI B2200/2400
PTO-2500 B 2500 B 4000 OKI B2500/2520/2540
PTO-6200 B 6200 B 10000/17000 OKI B6200/6200N/6300N
PTO-410 43979102 B 3500 OKI B430/B430DN/B430D/B410/B410D/B410DN/B440/MB480/460/470
PTO-410X 43979202 B 7000 OKI B430/B430DN/B430D/B410/B410D/B410DN/B440/MB480/460/470
PTO-410XX 43979002 B 25000 OKI B430/B430DN/B430D/B410/B410D/B410DN/B440/MB480/460/470
PTX-2773 106R02773 B 1500 Xerox Phaser 3020/WorkCentre 3025
PTX-3110 109R00639 B 3000 Xerox Phaser 3110/3210/3112/580
PTX-3117 106R01159 B 3000 Xerox Phaser 3117/3122/3124/3125
PTX-3130 109R00725 B 3000 Xerox Phaser 3130/3120/3115/3121
PTX-3116 109R00748 B 3000 Xerox Phaser 3116
PTX-PE16 113R00667 B 3000 Xerox WorkCenTM PE16
PTX-PE114 013R00607 B 3000 Xerox Workcenter PE114e
PTX-1485 106R01485 B 2000 Xerox WorkcenPTE 3210/3220
PTX-1486 106R01486 B 5000 Xerox WorkcenPTE 3210/3220
PTX-1487 106R01487 B 4100 Xerox WorkcenPTE 3210/3220
PTX-0908 108R00908 B 1500 Xerox Phaser 3140/3155/3160
PTX-0909 108R00909 B 2500 Xerox Phaser 3140/3155/3160
PTX-2304 106R02304 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3320
PTX-2305 106R02305 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3320
PTX-2306 106R02306 B 11000 Xerox Phaser 3320
PTX-2307 106R02307 B 11000 Xerox Phaser 3320
PTX-2308 106R02308 B 2300 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3315
PTX-2309 106R02309 B 2300 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3315
PTX-2310 106R02310 B 5000 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3315/3325
PTX-2311 106R02311 B 5000 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3315/3325
PTX-2312 106R02312 B 11000 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3325
PTX-2313 106R02313 B 11000 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3325
PTX-PE220 013R00621 B 3000 Xerox Workcenter PE220
PTX-3200 113R00730 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3200MFP
PTX-3150 A 109R00746 B 3500 Xerox Phaser 3150
PTX-3150 X 109R00747 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3150
PTX-3119 013R00625 B 3000 Xerox Workcenter 3119
PTX-3420A 106R01033 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3420/3425
PTX-3420X 106R01034 B 10000 Xerox Phaser 3420/3425
PTX-3428 106R01246 B 8000 Xerox Phaser 3428D/3428DN
PTX-PE120 013R00601 B 5000 Xerox WorkCenPTE PE120/PE120i
PTX-3100 106R01378 B 4000 Xerox Phaser 3100MFP
PTX-3435A 106R01414 B 4000 Xerox Phaser 3435DN
PTX-3435X 106R01415 B 10000 Xerox Phaser 3435DN
PTX-3500A 106R01148 B 6000 Xerox Phaser 3500 Series
PTX-3500X 106R01149 B 12000 Xerox Phaser 3500 Series
PTX-3550A 106R01528/30 B 5000 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3550
PTX-3550X 106R01529/31 B 11000 Xerox WorkCenPTE 3550
PTX-3600A 106R01370 B 7000 Xerox Phaser 3600 Series
PTX-3600X 106R01371 B 14000 Xerox Phaser 3600 Series
PTX-3250 106R01373 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3250
PTX-3450A 106R00687 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3450
PTX-3450X 106R00688 B 10000 Xerox Phaser 3450
PTX-3300A 106R01411 B 4000 Xerox Phaser 3300MFP
PTX-3300X 106R01412 B 8000 Xerox Phaser 3300MFP
PTX-3635A 108R00793 B 5000 Xerox Phaser 3635MFP
PTX-3635X 108R00795 B 10000 Xerox Phaser 3635MFP
PTX-T203 CWAN0649 B 2500 Xerox DP203A/204A
PTX-D203 CWAN0648 / 12000 Xerox DP203A/204A
PTX-4500 113R00712 B 19000 Xerox Phaser 4510
PTX-T1533 106R01533 B 13000 Xerox Phaser 4600VN/4600VDN/4600VDT/4620VDN/4620VDT
PTX-T1534 106R01534 B 13000 Xerox Phaser 4600VN/4600VDN/4600VDT/4620VDN/4620VDT
PTX-T1535 106R01535 B 30000 Xerox Phaser 4600VN/4600VDN/4600VDT/4620VDN/4620VDT
PTX-T1536 106R01536 B 30000 Xerox Phaser 4600VN/4600VDN/4600VDT/4620VDN/4620VDT
PTX-D0762 113R00762 B 80000 Xerox Phaser 4600VN/4600VDN/4600VDT/4620VDN/4620VDT
PTX-T1410 106R01410 B 25000 Xerox Phaser 4250vu/4250vs/4250vx/4250vxf/4260vs/4260vx/4260vxf
PTX-D0755 113R00755 B 80000 Xerox Phaser 4250vu/4250vs/4250vx/4250vxf/4260vs/4260vx/4260vxf
PTX-T1276 006R01275/76 B 20000 Xerox WorkcenPTE 4150
PTX-D0623 113R00623 B 55000 Xerox WorkcenPTE 4150
PTX-2180 106R02180 B 1100 xerox phaser 3010/3040 workcenPTE 3045
PTX-2181 106R02181 B 1100 xerox phaser 3010/3040 workcenPTE 3045
PTX-2182 106R02182 B 2200 xerox phaser 3010/3040 workcenPTE 3045
PTX-2183 106R02183 B 2200 xerox phaser 3010/3040 workcenPTE 3045
PTX-0401 CT200401 B 9000 Xerox DocumentCenPTE 156/186/1085/1055
PTX-1179 006R01179 B 11000 Xerox CopyCenPTE C118/WorkCenPTE M118/M118i
PTX-0416 CT200416 B 9000 Xerox Document CenPTE 236/286/336/2005/3005/2055/2007/3007
PTX-0417 CT200417 B 30000 Xerox Document CenPTE 236/286/336/2005/3005/2055/2007/3007
PTX-1182 006R01182 B 30000 Xerox CopyCenPTE C123/C128/133/WorkCenPTE M123/M128/WorkCenPTE Pro 123/128/133/412
PTX-1184 006R01184 B 30000 Xerox CopyCenPTE C123/C128/133/WorkCenPTE M123/M128/WorkCenPTE Pro 123/128/133/412
PTX-0719 CT200719 B 25000 Xerox ApeosPort 350I/450I/550I/II3000/II4000/II5010,DocumentCenPTE450I/550I/II4000/II5010
PTX-0668 113R00668 B 3000 Xerox Phaser 5500
PTX-1294 106R01294 B 35000 Xerox Phaser 5550
PTX-1499 106R01499 B 2000 FUJI-Xerox 3220/3210
PTX-1500 106R01500 B 5000 FUJI-Xerox 3220/3210
PTX-0776 CWAA0776 B 5000 FUJI-Xerox 3220/3210
PTX-0983 108R00983 B 1500 FUJI-Xerox PHASER-3140/3155/3160
PTX-0984 108R00984 B 2500 FUJI-Xerox PHASER-3140/3155/3160
PTX-T355A CT201937 B 4000 FUJI-Xerox DocuPrint M355df/p355d/p355db
PTX-T355X CT201938 B 10000 FUJI-Xerox DocuPrint M355df/p355d/p355db
PTX-D355 CT350973 B 100000 FUJI-Xerox DocuPrint M355df/p355d/p355db
PTX-T255 CT201918 B 2500 FUJI-Xerox DocuPrintP255d/M255df
PTX-P105 CT201613 B 2200 FUJI-Xerox P105b/P205b
PTK-T17 TK-17 B 6000 Kyocera-mita FS1010/1000
PTK-T18 TK-18 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1020
PTK-T100 TK-100 B 6000 Kyocera-mita KM1500
PTK-T110 TK-110 B 6000 Kyocera-mita FS720/820/920
PTK-T111 TK-111 B 6000 Kyocera-mita FS720/820/920
PTK-T112 TK-112 B 6000 Kyocera-mita FS720/820/920
PTK-T113 TK-113 B 6000 Kyocera-mita FS1016MFP
PTK-T120 TK-120 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1030D
PTK-T122 TK-122 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1030D
PTK-T130 TK-130 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-T131 TK-131 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-T132 TK-132 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-T133 TK-133 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-T134 TK-134 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-T137 TK-137 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-T140 TK-140 B 4000 Kyocera-mita FS-1100
PTK-T141 TK-141 B 4000 Kyocera-mita FS-1100
PTK-142 TK-142 B 4000 Kyocera-mita FS-1100
PTK-T144 TK-144 B 4000 Kyocera-mita FS-1100
PTK-T160 TK-160 B 2500 Kyocera-mita FS-1120D
PTK-T161 TK-161 B 2500 Kyocera-mita FS-1120D
PTK-T162 TK-162 B 2500 Kyocera-mita FS-1120D
PTK-T164 TK-164 B 2500 Kyocera-mita FS-1120D
PTK-T170 TK-170 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS-1320D/1370DN
PTK-T171 TK-171 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS-1320D/1370DN
PTK-172 TK-172 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS-1320D/1370DN
PTK-173 TK-173 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS-1320D/1370DN
PTK-T174 TK-174 B 7200 Kyocera-mita FS-1320D/1370DN
PTK-T20H TK-20H B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS1700/3700/6700
PTK-T310 TK-310 B 12000 Kyocera-mita FS-2000D/3900DN/4000DN
PTK-T312 TK-312 B 12000 Kyocera-mita FS-2000D/3900DN/4000DN
PTK-T320 TK-320 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-3900DN/4000DN
PTK-T322 TK-322 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-3900DN/4000DN
PTK-T330 TK-330 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-4000DN
PTK-T332 TK-332 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-4000DN
PTK-T340 TK-340 B 12000 Kyocera-mita FS-2020D/2020DN
PTK-T341 TK-342 B 12000 Kyocera-mita FS-2020D/2020DN
PTK-T342 TK-343 B 12000 Kyocera-mita FS-2020D/2020DN
PTK-T344 TK-344 B 12000 Kyocera-mita FS-2020D/2020DN
PTK-T410 TK-410 B 15000 Kyocera-mita KM-1620/2020/1635/2035
PTK-T411 TK-411 B 15000 Kyocera-mita KM-1620/2020/1635/2035
PTK-T420 TK-420 B 15000 Kyocera-mita KM-2550
PTK-T418 TK-418 B 18000 Kyocera-mita KM-1620/2020/2050/1650
PTK-T428 TK-428 B 18000 Kyocera-mita KM-1635/2035/2550
PTK-T350 TK-350 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-3920DN/3040MFP/3140MFP
PTK-T352 TK-352 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-3920DN/3040MFP/3140MFP
PTK-T354 TK-354 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-3920DN/3040MFP/3140MFP
PTK-T360 TK-360 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-4020DN
PTK-T362 TK-362 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-4020DN
PTK-T364 TK-364 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-4020DN
PTK-T50 TK-50 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1900
PTK-T55 TK-55 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1920
PTK-T57 TK-57 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1920
PTK-T60 TK-60 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS1800/3800
PTK-T65 TK-65 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS3820N/3830N
PTK-T67 TK-67 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS3820N/3830N
PTK-T70 TK-70 B 40000 Kyocera-mita FS9100/9500
PTK-KM3035 KM3035 B 40000 Kyocera-mita KM4035/5035/2530/3035/3530/4030
PTK-T2530 TK2530 B 40000 Kyocera-mita KM4035/5035/2530/3035/3530/4030
PTK-T715 TK-715 B 34000 Kyocera-mita KM-4050/50503050
PTK-T717 TK-717 B 34000 Kyocera-mita KM-4050/50503050
PTK-718 TK-718 B 34000 Kyocera-mita KM-4050/50503050
PTK-T710 TK-710 B 40000 Kyocera-mita FS-9530DN/FS-9130DN
PTK-T712 TK-712 B 40000 Kyocera-mita FS-9530DN/FS-9130DN
PTK-T438 TK438 B 7200 Kyocera-mita KM-1648
PTK-T435 TK435 B 15000 Kyocera-mita ASKalfa 180/181/220/221
PTK-T439 TK439 B 15000 Kyocera-mita ASKalfa 180/181/220/221
PTK-T437 TK437 B 15000 Kyocera-mita ASKalfa 180/181/220/221
PTK-T458 TK458 B 15000 Kyocera-mita ASKalfa 180/181/220/221
PTK-T448 TK448 B 7200 Kyocera-mita TASKalfa 180/181/220/221
PTK-T440 TK440 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-6950DN
PTK-T442 TK442 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-6950DN
PTK-T450 TK450 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-6970DN
PTK-T452 TK452 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-6970DN
PTK-T454 TK454 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS-6970DN
PTK-T675 TK675 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-2540/2560/3040/3060
PTK-T677 TK677 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-2540/2560/3040/3060
PTK-T678 TK678 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-2540/2560/3040/3060
PTK-T679 TK679 B 20000 Kyocera-mita FS-2540/2560/3040/3060
PTK-TK475 TK475 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-TK477 TK477 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-TK478 TK478 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-TK479 TK479 B 15000 Kyocera-mita FS1300D
PTK-1100 TK-1100 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1110/1024/1124MFP
PTK-1102 TK-1102 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1110/1024/1124MFP
PTK-1103 TK-1103 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1110/1024/1124MFP
PTK-1104 TK-1104 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1110/1024/1124MFP
PTK-1130 TK-1130 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1030MFP/1130MF/1030MFP/DP
PTK-1132 TK-1132 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1030MFP/1130MF/1030MFP/DP
PTK-1133 TK-1133 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1030MFP/1130MF/1030MFP/DP
PTK-1134 TK-1134 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1030MFP/1130MF/1030MFP/DP
PTK-1140 TK-1140 B 7200 Kyocera FS-1035MFP/1035MFP/DP/1135MFP
PTK-1142 TK-1142 B 7200 Kyocera FS-1035MFP/1035MFP/DP/1135MFP
PTK-1143 TK-1143 B 7200 Kyocera FS-1035MFP/1035MFP/DP/1135MFP
PTK-1144 TK-1144 B 7200 Kyocera FS-1035MFP/1035MFP/DP/1135MFP
PTK-725 TK-725 B 34000 Kyocera KM 3050/4050/5050/TASKalfa 420i/520i
PTK-1110 TK-1110 B 2500 Kyocera FS-1040
PTK-1112 TK-1112 B 2500 Kyocera FS-1040
PTK-1113 TK-1113 B 2500 Kyocera FS-1040
PTK-1114 TK-1114 B 2500 Kyocera FS-1040
PTK-1115 TK-1115 B 1600 Kyocera FS-1041/FS-1220MFP
PTK-1120 TK-1120 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1060DN
PTK-1122 TK-1122 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1060DN
PTK-1123 TK-1123 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1060DN
PTK-1124 TK-1124 B 3000 Kyocera FS-1060DN
PTK-1125 TK-1125 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1061DN/FS-1325MFP
PTK-1129 TK-1129 B 2100 Kyocera FS-1061DN/FS-1325MFP
PTM-T116/117/118/119 TN116/117/118/119 B 12000 KONICA MINOLTA BLZHUB 164/184/7718/215/195/235/315
PTM-T116/117 TN116/117 B 6000 KONICA MINOLTA BLZHUB 164/184/7718/215/195/235/315
PTM-T1100 A 1100 Toner B 3000 Konica Minolta 1100
PTM-T1100 X 1100 Toner B 6000 Konica Minolta 1100
PTM-D1100 1100 Drum / 20000 Konica Minolta 1100
PTM-T1200 A 1200 Toner B 3000 Konica Minolta 1200
PTM-T1200 X 1200 Toner B 6000 Konica Minolta 1200
PTM-D1200 1200 Drum / 20000 Konica Minolta 1200
PTM-T1300 A 1300 Toner B 3000 Konica Minolta 1300
PTM-T1300 X 1300 Toner B 6000 Konica Minolta 1300
PTM-D1300 1300 Drum / 20000 Konica Minolta 1300
PTM-T1400 1400 Toner B 2000 Konica Minolta 1400
PTM-D1400 1400 Drum / 20000 Konica Minolta 1400
PTM-T1500A TNP28S B 1200 Konica Minolta Pagepro1500w/1550dn/1580mf/1590mf/hizhob 12p/15/16
PTM-T1500X TNP28L B 2600 Konica Minolta Pagepro1500w/1550dn/1580mf/1590mf/hizhob 12p/15/16
PTM-D1500 IUP15 B 12000 Konica Minolta Pagepro1500w/1550dn/1580mf/1590mf/hizhob 12p/15/16
PTM-T1500A TNP28S B 1200 Konica Minolta Pagepro1500w/1550dn/1580mf/1590mf/hizhob 12p/15/16
PTM-T1500X TNP28L B 2600 Konica Minolta Pagepro1500w/1550dn/1580mf/1590mf/hizhob 12p/15/16
PTM-D1500 IUP15 B 12000 Konica Minolta Pagepro1500w/1550dn/1580mf/1590mf/hizhob 12p/15/16
PTC-P303/P703/P103 CRG 303/703/103 B 2000 Canon LBP2900/3000/3000B
PTC-FX9/FX10/ C104/C304 FX9/FX10 CRG 104 CRG 304 B 2000 Canon Fax L100/L120/L140/L160/L75 IC MF4110/4120/4122/4140/4150/ICMF4680/4720 LaserBase Series MF4100 Canon FAXPHONE L120/L90/Image Class MF4150/4270/4350d/4370dn/4690
PTC-P312/712/912 CRG 312/712/912 B 1500 Canon LBP-3018 /3108/ Laser i-sensys LBP 3010/3100
PTC-P313/713/913 CRG 313/713/913 B 2000 Canon LBP-3250
PTC-P325/725 CRG 325/725 B 1600 Canon imageCLASS LBP6000/6018/icmf3010
PTC-P519 CRG 519/119/319/719 B 2300 Canon LBP 6300/6650/imageCLASS MF5850dn/5880dn/5930dn/5950dw/5870dn
PTC-P519Ⅱ CRG 519/119/319/719Ⅱ B 6500 Canon LBP 6300/6650/imageCLASS MF5850dn/5880dn/5930dn/5950dw/5871dn
PTC-120 CRG-120/320/720 B 5000 Canon image CLASS D1120/1150/1170/1180/i-SENSYS MF6680DN
PTC-EXV40 EXV40 B 6000 Canon Image Runner1133iF/1133a/1133
PTC-PV EP-V B 4000 Canon LBP-VX/430N
PTC-PA EP-A B 2500 Canon LBP-AX460/465/660
PTC-PW EP-W B 15000 Canon LBP-2460/3260/WX
PTC-P22 EP22 B 2500 Canon LBP-800/810/1120/250/380
PTC-P32 EP32 B 5000 Canon LBP-1000/32X
PTC-P52 EP52 B 6000 Canon LBP-1660/1760/P370/52X
PTC-P62 EP62 B 10000 Canon LBP-62,Imageclass/2200/2210/2220
PTC-P72 EP72 B 20000 Canon LBP-72,Imageclass4000
PTC-P308/508/708 CRG 308/508/708 B 2500 Canon LBP-3300/3360/3410
PTC-P308/508/708Ⅱ CRG 308/508/708II B 4000 Canon LBP-3300/3360/3410
PTC-P310/510/710 CRG 310/510/710 B 6000 Canon Laser Shot LBP3460
PTC-P310/510/710Ⅱ CRG 310/510/710II B 12000 Canon Laser Shot LBP3460
PTC-P25 EP25 B 2500 Canon LBP-1210
PTC-PP EP-P B 3500 Canon LBP-230/430/4U/4I/PX/PXII/P90
PTC-PE EP-E B 6800 Canon LBP-260C/405/450/800/860/1260/EX/ZX/81V/P270/P430/Fileprint 300
PTC-P309/509 CRG 309/509 B 12000 Canon Laser Shot LBP-3500 (A3+)
PTC-P315/715 CRG 315/715/515 B 3000 Canon LBP3310/ 3370
PTC-P315/515/715Ⅱ CRG 315/715/515II B 7000 Canon LBP3310/ 3370
PTC-P527 CRG 527 B 15000 Canon LBP8610/8620/8630
PTC-P324 CRG 324/724 B 6000 Canon LBP 6750dn
PTC-P324Ⅱ CRG 324/724 II B 12500 Canon LBP 6750dn
PTC-326 CRG 326 B 2100 Canon LBP 6200d
PTC-P328 CRG 328/728 B 2100 Canon ic MF 4420n/4412/4410/D520/MF 4452/4450/MF 4550d/4570dn/4890dw/4870dn/4830d/4820d/4770n/4752/4750/4720w/4712/4710
PTC-FX3 FX 3 B 2500 Canon Fax L200/L220/L240/L250/L260/L280/L290/L295/L300/L350/L360/ L60/L90L80/ CFXL3500IF/4000/ 4500IF/ ImageClass1100/ 1060P/2050/2050P/2060P; MULTIPASS L60/L90
PTC-PCW/PCT/FX8 CRG W/CRG T/FX 8 B 3500 Canon Image Class D323/383/398/Fax-L390S/398S/408S Canon Personal Copier-PC-D340/320 Canon L380/ L400
PTC-S35 S35 B 2500 Canon Image Class D300 series/FAXPHONE L170
PTC-X25 X25 B 2500 Canon Image Class MF5500 Series image class Mf3110
PTC-E16 E16 B 2000 Canon Personal Copier-FC530/336/330/310/230/228/226/224S/224/220S/220/210/200S/200/ 208/206/204S/204/128/120/108/100/890/880/860/780/770/760/ 750/740/270/288/280/298/300/290/PC920/950/500S/700/800/900
PTC-E30/31/40 E30/ E31/E40 B 4000 Canon PC 310/320/325/330/330L/420/430/550/710/720/735/740/745/770/775/795/920/940/980
PTC-P26/P27 PTC-PC U EP26/EP27/CRG U B 2500 Canon LBP3100/3110/3200 Canon ICMF3112/3220/3222/5770/5750/5730/5650/5630
PTC-P65 EP65 B 10000 Canon LBP-1510/1710/LBP-2000/文杰A5100
PTC-L50/PCM/PCN L 50/CRG M/CRG N B 5000 Canon Image Class D620/660/D661/D680/D760/D761/D780/D860/D861/D880PC/ 1060PC/1061PC/1080F
PTC-P106/306/706 CRG 106/306/706/FX 11/FX 12 B 5000 Canon Image Class MF6530/6540/6550/6560/6580/6590/6595/6595cx
PTC-NPG-15/EXV6 C-EXV6/NPG15 B 7000 Canon NP7163/7214
PTC-EXV3/GPR-6/NPG-18 C-EXV3/GPR6/NPG18 B 15000 Canon IR2200/2200I/2220/2220I/2800/3300/3300I/3320/3320I
PTC-EXV5/GPR-8/NPG-20 C-EXV5/GPR8/NPG20 B 7850 Canon IR155/165/200/1600/1600N/1610/1610F/2000/2010F
PTC-EXV7/GPR-10/NPG-21 C-EXV7/GPR10/NPG21 B 5300 Canon IR1210/1230/1270F/1510/1530/1570F/1300/300/1310/1330/1370/1630/1670F
PTC-EXV11/GPR-15/NPG-25 C-EXV11/GPR15/NPG25 B 21000 Canon IR2270/2230/2830/2870/3025/3025N/3030/3230N/3225N
PTC-EXV12/GPR-16/NPG-26 C-EXV12/GPR16/NPG26 B 24000 Canon IR3235N/3245N/3570/3530/4530/4570
PTC-EXV14/GPR-18/NPG-28 C-EXV14/GPR18/NPG28 B 8300 Canon IR2016/2016I/2016J/2018/2018I/2020/2020S/2020I/2020J/2022/2022I/2025/2030/2166J/2120J/2120S/2318L/2320/2320N/2420D/
PTC-EXV18/GPR22/NPG-32 C-EXV18/GPR22/NPG32 B 8400 Canon IR1018/1018J/1022/1022J/1022A/1022F/1022I/1022IF/1024/1024J/1024IF
PTC-NPG11 NPG11 B 5300 Canon NP7130/6012/7120
PTC-EXV32/GPR34/NPG50 C-EXV32/GPR34/NPG50 B 19400 Canon IR2535/2535i/2545/2545i
PTC-EXV33/GPR35/NPG51 C-EXV33/GPR35/NPG51 B 14600 Canon IR2520/2520i/2525/2525i/2530/2530i
Epson Series

PTE-650K S050650 B 2200 Epson M1400/MX14
PTE-T5700/5800 SO50010 B 3000 Epson EPL 5700/5800
PTE-T5700/5800 SO50010 B 6000 Epson EPL 5700/5800
PTE-T5900/6100 SO50087 B 3000 Epson EPL 5900/6100
PTE-T5900/6100 SO50087 B 6000 Epson EPL 5900/6100
PTE-D5700 SO51055 / 20000 Epson EPL 5700/5800/5900/6100
PTE-T62HA SO50167 B 3000 Epson EPL 6200/6200L
PTE-T62HX SO50166 B 6000 Epson EPL 6200/6200L
PTE-D6200 SO51099 / 20000 Epson EPL 6200/6200L
PTE-1220 SO51079 B 10000 Epson EPL-N1220
PTE-2120 SO51077 B 10000 Epson EPL-N2120
PTE-2180 SO51119 B 10000 Epson EPL-2180
PTE-2010 SO51069 B 6000 Epson EPL-N1210/1610/2010
PTE-2020 SO51090 B 6000 Epson EPL-N2500/2020
PTP-3313/3315 UG-3313/3315 B 5000 Panasonic UF550/UF560/UF770/UF880/UF885/UF895
PTP-3350/3351 UG-3350/3351 B 5000 Panasonic UF585/UF595
PTP-3380 UG-3380 B 5000 Panasonic UF5100/5300/6100/580/585/590/595/596/DX-600
PTP-3221 UG-3221 B 8000 Panasonic Laser jet UF490CN
PTP-76A 76A B 2000 Panasonic KX-FL501/502/503/523/FLM551/552/553/558/FLB751/752/753/755/756/758CN
PTP-83E 83E B 2500 Panasonic KX-FL511/512/513CN//540/541/543CN/611/612/613/653/663/668/678
PTP-85E/87E 85E/87E B 5000 Panasonic KX-FLB-801/803/811/813/851/852/853/858/802/812
PTP-88E/90E 88A/90E/296 B 2500 Panasonic KX-FL313CN/318CN/KX-FL403/401/402 ,FLC 411/412/413
PTP-92A/94E 92A/94E B 2500 Panasonic KX-MB228/238/258/278/778/KX-MB271/KX-MB781
PTP-411 KX-FA411 B 2000 Panasonic KX-MB2000/2010/2020/2030RU
PTP-415 KX-FA415 B 2000 Panasonic KX-MB-2008CN/MB2038CN
PTR-3400A 3400LC B 2500 RICOH SP 3400N/SP 3410DN/SP 3400SF/SP 3410SF
PTR-3400X 3400HC B 5000 RICOH SP 3400N/SP 3410DN/SP 3400SF/SP 3410SF
PTR-3500A 3500XC B 6400 RICOH Aficio SP 3500N/3510DN
PTR-1475 1475 B 2500 Richo FX16
PTR-1220 1220D B 9000 Aficio 1015/1018/1113/1115
PTR-1140 1140D B 9000 Aficio 1015/1018/1113/1115
PTR-1120 1120D B 9000 Aficio 1015/1018/1113/1115
PTR-1230 1230D B 9000 Aficio MP1610L/MP1610LD/MP1800/MP1801/MP1810L/MP1810LD/MP2000/MP2000SP/A2015/A2018/A2018D/2020/2020D/2015L
PTR-1130 1130D B 9000 Aficio MP1610L/MP1610LD/MP1800/MP1801/MP1810L/MP1810LD/MP2000/MP2000SP/A2015/A2018/A2018D/2020/2020D/2015L
PTR-P1610 MP1610 B 9000 Aficio MP1610L/MP1610LD/MP1800/MP1801/MP1810L/MP1810LD/MP2000/MP2000SP/A2015/A2018/A2018D/2020/2020D/2015L
PTR-1270 1270D B 7000 Aficio 1515/1515F/1515MF/MP161/MP161F/MP161SPF
PTR-1170 1170D B 7000 Aficio 1515/1515F/1515MF/MP161/MP161F/MP161SPF
PTR-2220 2220D B 11000 Aficio 1022/1027/2022/2027/2032/MP2550B/MP3350B/3025/3030
PTR-2120 2120D B 11000 Aficio 1022/1027/2022/2027/2032/MP2550B/MP3350B/3025/3030
PTR-2020 2020D B 11000 Aficio 1022/1027/2022/2027/2032/MP2550B/MP3350B/3025/3030
PTR-3210 3210D B 30000 Aficio 2035e/2045e/3035/3045/3035ps/3045ps
PTR-3310 3310D B 30000 Aficio 2035e/2045e/3035/3045/3035ps/3045ps
PTR-100 SP 100C B 2000 RICOH SP 100/100SU/100SF
PTR-200 2485 B 5000 Ricoh Aficio FX200/200L
PTR-1000A SP1000C B 2000 Ricoh Aficio SP1000S/1000SF/1140L
PTR-1000X SP1000C B 4000 Ricoh Aficio SP1000S/1000SF/1140L
PTR-T1200 SP 1200C B 2600 RICOH SP1200
PTR-D1200 SP 1200 B 12000 RICOH SP1200
PTT-1820 1820 B 3000 Toshiba e-STUDIO 180S
PTT-2025 2025 B 3000 Toshiba e-STUDIO 200S
PTT-220 2210 B 2500 Toshiba e-STUDIO 220/221S
PTD-2375A 593-BBBI B 3000 Dell-B2375dnf/2375dfw
PTD-2375X 593-BBBJ B 10000 Dell-B2375dnf/2375dfw
PTD-T9797 331-9797 B 6000 Dell B5460/5465MFP
PTD-T9755 331-9755/9756 B 25000 Dell B5460
PTD-T0131 331-0131/0132 B 45000 Dell B5460
PTD-T9757 331-331-9757/9795 B 45000 Dell 5465MFP
PTD-T1187 593-11187 B 6000 Dell B5460/5465MFP
PTD-T1188 593-11188/11189 B 25000 Dell B5460
PTD-T1185 593-11185/11186 B 45000 Dell B5460
PTD-T1933 592-11933 B 6000 Dell B5460/5465MFP
PTD-T1935 592-11935/11936 B 25000 Dell B5460
PTD-T1937 592-11937/11938 B 45000 Dell 5465MFP
PTD-T9803 331-9803 B 2500 Dell B2360/3460/3465MFP
PTD-T9805 331-9805/9806 B 8500 Dell B2360/3460/3465MFP
PTD-T9807 331-9807/9808 B 20000 Dell 3460
PTD-T0373 332-0373/0376 B 20000 Dell 3465MFP
PTD-T1165 593-11165 B 2500 Dell B2360/3460/3465MFP
PTD-T1167 593-11167/11168 B 8500 Dell B2360/3460/3465MFP
PTD-T1171 593-11171/11172 B 20000 Dell 3460
PTD-T1183 593-11183/11184 B 20000 Dell 3465MFP
PTD-T1949 593-11949 B 2500 Dell B2360/3460/3465MFP
PTD-T1951 593-11951/11952 B 8500 Dell B2360/3460/3465MFP
PTD-T1961 593-11961/11962 B 20000 Dell 3460
PTD-T1953 593-11953/11954 B 20000 Dell 3465MFP
PTD-5330A 3302044 B 10000 Dell 5330dn
PTD-5330X 3302045 B 20000 Dell 5330dn
PTD-1130X 3309523 B 2500 Dell 1130/1133/1135
PTD-1130A 3309524 B 1500 Dell 1130/1133/1135
PTD-2330A Dell 330-2665 B 3500 Dell 2330d/2330dn/2330DTN/2350D/2350DN
PTD-2330X Dell 330-2667 B 6000 Dell 2330d/2330dn/2330DTN/2350D/2350DN
PTD-2335A 330-2208 B 3000 Dell 2335DN
PTD-2335X 330-2209 B 6000 Dell 2335DN
PTD-2885A 2885A B 21000 Dell 5200/5300
PTD-2885X 2885X B 32000 Dell 5200/5300
PTD-2500A 2500A B 5000 Dell 2500
PTD-2500X 2500X B 10000 Dell 2500
PTD-1600A 310-5416 B 3000 Dell 1600
PTD-1600X 310-5417 B 5000 Dell 1600
PTD-T1700 A 310-5400 B 3000 Dell 1700/1710
PTD-T1700 X 310-5402 B 6000 Dell 1700/1710
PTD-D1700 310-7021 B 30000 Dell 1700/1710
PTD-T1720A 310-8708 B 3500 Dell 1720/1720dn
PTD-T1720X 310-8709 B 9000 Dell 1720/1720dn
PTD-D1720 310-8710 B 30000 Dell 1720/1720dn
PTD-1815A 310-7943 B 3000 Dell 1815/1815dn
PTD-1815X 310-7945 B 5000 Dell 1815/1815dn
PTD-7335 331-7335 B 1500 Dell 1160/1160W
PTD-7327 331-7327 B 1500 Dell 1260DN/1265DNF
PTD-7328 331-7328 B 2500 Dell 1260DN/1265DNF
PTL-880 LJ880 B 3000 Lenovo LJ880
PTL-0116 LD0116 B 3000 Lenovo LJ1600
PTL-T0617 LT0617 B 3000 Lenovo LJ1700
PTL-T0617H LT0617H B 6000 Lenovo LJ1700
PTL-D0617 LD0617 B 20000 Lenovo LJ1700
PTL-T1418 LT1418 B 3000 Lenovo LJ1800
PTL-T1418H LT1418H B 6000 Lenovo LJ1800
PTL-D1418 LD1418 B 20000 Lenovo LJ1800
PTL-T2519 LT2519 B 6000 Lenovo LJ1900
PTL-D2519 LD2519 B / Lenovo LJ1900
PTL-T0310 LT0310 B 2200 Lenovo M3100/M3200/M7000/M7100/7110
PTL-D0310 LD0310 B 8000 Lenovo M3100/M3200/M7000/M7100/7110
PTL-T0112 LT0112 B 3000 Lenovo LJ2312/2412/6212/6012/6112/6212/8212
PTL-T0112H LT0112H B 6000 Lenovo LJ2312/2412/6212/6012/6112/6212/8212
PTL-T0225 LT0225 B 3000 Lenovo LJ2500/2600/6200/7200
PTL-T0225H LT0225H B 6000 Lenovo LJ2500/2600/6200/7200
PTL-D0225 LD0225 B 20000 Lenovo LJ2312/2412/6212/6012/6112/6212/8212/2500/2600/6200/7200
PTL-T2020 LT2020 B 2500 Lenovo LJ2000/2050N/M3020/M3120/M3220/M7020/7030/M7120/M7130N
PTL-D2020 LD2020 B 12000 Lenovo LJ2000/2050N/M3020/M3120/M3220/M7020/7030/M7120/M7130N
PTL-T0928 LT0928 B 3500 Lenovo LJ2800/M7210
PTL-T0928H LT0928H B 7000 Lenovo LJ2800/M7210
PTL-D0928 LD0928 B 20000 Lenovo LJ2800/M7210
PTL-1055 LD1055 B 10000 Lenovo LJ5500
PTL-T1830 LT1830 B 3500 Lenovo LJ3000/3050D/M6220/M7220D/3000W
PTL-T1830H LT1830H B 7000 Lenovo LJ3000/3050D/M6220/M7220D/3000W
PTL-D1830 LD1830 B 20000 Lenovo LJ3000/3050D/M6220/M7220D/3000W
PTL-0856 LD0856 B 10000 Lenovo LJ5600/5700/7600
PTL-1060 LD1060 B 10000 Lenovo LJ6000
PTL-2770 LD2770 B 4000 Lenovo M7025/7125
PTL-T2922 LT2922 B 1500 Lenovo M7205/7250/7260/7215
PTL-T2922H LT2922H B 2600 Lenovo M7205/7250/7260/7215
PTL-D2922 LD2922 B 12000 Lenovo M7205/7250/7260/7215
PTL-T2822 LT2822 B 1500 Lenovo LJ2200/2250
PTL-T2822H LT2822H B 2600 Lenovo LJ2200/2250
PTL-D2822 LD2822 B 12000 Lenovo LJ2200/2250
PTL-D2441 LD2441 B 12000 Lenovo LJ2400/LJ2400L/M7400/M7450F
PTL-T2441 LT2441 B 2600 Lenovo LJ2400/LJ2400L/M7400/M7450F
PTL-D2641 LD2641 B 12000 Lenovo LJ2600D/LJ2650DN/M7600D/M7650DF/M7650DNF
PTL-T2641 LT2641 B 2600 Lenovo LJ2600D/LJ2650DN/M7600D/M7650DF/M7650DNF
PTL-T4636H LT4636H B 8000 Lenovo LJ3600DN/LJ3650DN/LJ7900DNF
PTL-T4636 LT4636 B 3000 Lenovo LJ3600DN/LJ3650DN/LJ7900DNF
PTL-D4636 LD4636 B 25000 Lenovo LJ3600DN/LJ3650DN/LJ7900DNF
PTL-D4637 LD4637 B 30000 Lenovo LJ3700D/3700DN/3800DN/3800DW/M8600DN/8900DNF
PTL-T4637A LT4637 B 3000 Lenovo LJ3700D/3700DN/3800DN/3800DW/M8600DN/8900DNF
PTL-T4637X LT4637H B 8000 Lenovo LJ3700D/3700DN/3800DN/3800DW/M8600DN/8900DNF
PTL-T4637XX LT4637SH B 12000 Lenovo LJ3700D/3700DN/3800DN/3800DW/M8600DN/8900DNF
PTL-T4639 LT4639SI B 3500 Lenovo LJ3900
PTL-D4639 LD4639 B 30000 Lenovo LJ3900
PTL-T2435 LT2435 B 1200 Lenovo LJ3500/LJ3550DN/M7750
PTL-T2435H LT2435H B 2600 Lenovo LJ3500/LJ3550DN/M7750
PTL-D2435 LD2435 B 25000 Lenovo LJ3500/LJ3550DN/M7750
PTL-T1830H LT1830H B 6700 Lenovo LJ3000/LJ3050D/M6220/M7220D/LJ3000W
PTL-T1830 LT1830 B 3500 Lenovo LJ3000/LJ3050D/M6220/M7220D/LJ3000W
PTL-D1830 LD1830 B 15000 Lenovo LJ3000/LJ3050D/M6220/M7220D/LJ3000W
PTL-1641 LD1830 B 1500 Lenovo LJ1680/7105
PTL-2241A LD2241 B 1500 Lenovo M7150F
PTL-2241X LD2241H B 2500 Lenovo M7150F
PTL-D201 LD201 B 10000 Lenovo S1801/2001
PTL-T201 LT201 B 1500 Lenovo S1801/2001
PTL-T331 LT331 B 1500 Lenovo S3300D/3300DN/4800DN
PTL-T331H LT331H B 5000 Lenovo S3300D/3300DN/4800DN
PTL-T481H LT481H B 10000 Lenovo S4800DN
PTL-T481SH LT481SH B 20000 Lenovo S4800DN
PTL-T231B LT231K B 4000 Lenovo CS2310D/3310DN
PTL-T231C LT231C B 3000 Lenovo CS2310D/3310DN
PTL-T231M LT231M B 3000 Lenovo CS2310D/3310DN
PTL-T231Y LT231Y B 3000 Lenovo CS2310D/3310DN
PTH-4127A 4127A B 6000 HP Laserjet 4000/4050
PTH-4127X 4127X B 10000 HP Laserjet 4000/4050
PTH-4129X 4129X B 10000 HP Laserjet 5000/5100/5100tn
PTH-4182X 4182X B 20000 HP Laserjet 8100/8150
PTH-8061A 8061A B 6000 HP Laserjet 4100/4100mfp
PTH-8061X 8061X B 10000 HP Laserjet 4100/4100mfp
PTH-435A CB 435A B 1500 HP Laserjet P1005/P1006
PTH-436A CB 436A B 2000 HP Laserjet P1505/M1522N/M1120
PTH-278A CE278A B 2100 HP Laserjet Pro P1560/1566/1600(USA)/1606/M1536dnf/1606DN
PTH-5942A 5942A B 10000 HP Laserjet 4240n/4250/4250n/4250tn/4250dtn/4250dtnsl/4350n/4350tn/4350dtn/4350dtnsl
PTH-5942X 5942X B 20000 HP Laserjet 4250/4250n/4250tn/4250dtn/4250dtnsl/4350n/4350tn/4350dtn/4350dtnsl
PTH-1338A 1338A B 12000 HP Laserjet 4200
PTH-1339A 1339A B 18000 HP Laserjet 4300/4345mfp
PTH-5945A 5945A B 18000 HP Laserjet 4345mfp/ M4345mfp
PTH-505A CE 505A B 2300 HP LaserJet P2035/P2035n/P2055dn/P2055x
PTH-505X CE 505X B 6500 HP LaserJet P2055dn/P2055x
PTH-280A CF280A B 2700 HP LaserJet 400/M401D/401N/401DN/M425DW/425DN
PTH-280X CF280X B 6900 HP LaserJet 400/M401D/401N/401DN/M425DW/425DN
PTH-3900A Q3900A B 8200 HP Laserjet 4V/4MV/4L
PTH-3903A C3903A B 4000 HP Laserjet 5P/5MP/6P6MP
PTH-3909A C3909A B 15000 HP Laserjet 5Si-MX/NX/8000/DN/N
PTH-92274A 92274A B 3500 HP Laserjet 4L/4P
PTH-92298A 92298A B 6800 HP Laserjet 4/4M/4+/4M+/4plus/5/5M/5N/5SE
PTH-92298X 92298X B 8800 HP Laserjet 4/4M/4+/4M+/4plus/5/5M/5N/5SE
PTH-2610A 2610A B 6000 HP Laserjet 2300
PTH-8543X 8543X B 30000 HP Laserjet 9000/9040/9050mfp/9500/9850mfp
PTS-T6555 TR-SCX6555A B 25000 Samsung Multixpress6555n/6545n/SCX6555n
PTS-D6555 DR-SCX6555 B 80000 Samsung Multixpress6555n/6545n/SCX6555n
PTX-T1410 106R01410 B 25000 Xerox Phaser 4250vu/4250vs/4250vx/4250vxf/4260vs/4260vx/4260vxf
PTX-D0755 113R00755 B 80000 Xerox Phaser 4250vu/4250vs/4250vx/4250vxf/4260vs/4260vx/4260vxf
PTX-T1275 006R01275 B 20000 Xerox workcentre 4150
PTX-T1276 006R01276 B 20000 Xerox workcentre 4150
PTC-P52 EP52 B 6000 Canon LBP-1660/1760/P370/52X
PTC-P62 EP62 B 10000 Canon LBP-62/Imageclass 2200/2210/2220
PTC-P72 EP72 B 20000 Canon LBP-72/Image Class 4000
PTC-PV EP-V B 4000 Canon LBP-VX/430N
PTC-PW EP-W B 15000 Canon LBP-2460/3260/WX
PTC-PP EP-P B 3500 Canon LBP-230/430/4U/4I/PX/PXII/P90
PTC-PE EP-E B 6800 Canon LBP-260C/405/450/800/860/1260/EX/ZX/81V/P270/P430/Fileprint 300